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The End is Nigh: Rick Ross (& MMG) Jumped The Shark

Ayo, its your boy baythoven back on his soapbox. I know I haven’t updated this blog in a week and the streets have been thirsty waiting for a new update. Grown men writing me hand written letters, like the ones Gore Vidal wrote to Christopher Hitchens, complementing yours truly and everything I stand for. My bad y’all. […]

Wizkid Owes Me Gas Money

Wizkid, ostensibly known as  ‘ya boy weezy’, apparently not aware that Lil’Wayne has called himself that umpteen years now, was supposed to have a concert yesterday in Vaughn. I had to drive 4 hrs to Toronto and back, for a concert that was supposed to go on from 8pm-2am, only for this clown to arrive […]