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Yeezus: Jesus’ Soundtrack To The Rapture

So Kanye likes his cunnilingus with a side of sweet and sour sauce? Thats just one of the many, many of his sexaul preferences I gleaned from listening to Yeezus.  I wonder if it’s the type that McDonald serves, cause if it is, that’s perfectly understandable- trailblazing even. Damn, this man is really is a visionary, I wish I […]

In Defense Of Chief Keef

Riddle me this, do you go to McDonald’s to order some Crème brûlée and act utterly surprised when you get an Oreo McFlurry instead? Nah you don’t, you just hope to God no one spat in that mawfucker. Then why, oh why, would you expect lyricism from a Chief Keef album? Yet most of the reviews […]

Cruel Summer In The Fall? An Album Review

Track by track review so y’all can know which songs to skip. I know, you’re welcome. To the world (ft. R.Kelly) – R. Kelly is the cultured man’s Chris Brown. I’ll take golden showers over vicious assaults any day, thank you very much. At least Kelly’s didnt tatoo a urinal on his neck. Quotables: “The […]

Chief Keef- M.C Big Black Nigga 2.0

50 Cent was the original big black nigga. The netscape of the archetype, if you will. He burst on to the scene hanging upside down (like monkeys tend to do), while doing crunches with a hard body doused in vegetable oil #nofrankocean. Minstrel type behavior aside, 50 cent actually made good music-  at least in […]

DJ Khaled + Kanye West= Guaranteed Banger! (R.I.P Demonoid)

Ayo, I was actually gonna do a review of DJ Khaled album, seeing how the two singles that have dropped have been fire. However, I haven’t been able to buy download the album since Demonoid has now been shut down. *Moment of silence* *Pours 40′ of malt liquor* Still I realized, every single record Kanye and DJ […]

Snoop Dogg To Snoop Lion? Diplo Stays Thiefing

From Snoop Doggy Dog to Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion? LOL Didnt Snoop get the internal rap industry memo from Puff Daddy(a.k.a P.Diddy a.k.a Diddy) that you always make your name shorter? That extra letter in his new name might make it hard for CNN tickers to carry news of him and with it his […]

Childish Gambino Improving; Pitchfork Still Wack

See me balling so Conde Naaaasty. This song, off the R O Y A L T Y mixtape(download), is currently on repeat in my computer, phone, whip, head and every other device created by the illuminati to brainwash the 99%. But yo, all jokes aside, this song goes HAARD. The beat comes on you can […]