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Lil Durk Is The Truth

The level of paranoia in his music makes him Chicago’s drill scene 2Pac if you will. And no I’m not saying he’s as good as 2pac, I’m just saying his level as paranoia is sky high (fan boys breathe easy). Fittingly this single(1st of the album?) addresses this paranoia I can’t do no shows cause […]

The Pied Piper of Rap: Chief Keef

MC Big Black Nigga 2.0 might not be so bad after all. On this very blog, I gave umpteen reasons why Chief Keef was wickity wack but gave an all important caveat about the argument being based on just a few songs while noting that I’m liable to change my mind like I did with Waka Flocka Flame. Or […]

The End is Nigh: Rick Ross (& MMG) Jumped The Shark

Ayo, its your boy baythoven back on his soapbox. I know I haven’t updated this blog in a week and the streets have been thirsty waiting for a new update. Grown men writing me hand written letters, like the ones Gore Vidal wrote to Christopher Hitchens, complementing yours truly and everything I stand for. My bad y’all. […]

Beyonce, Diplo Stealing From Africans

Never let it be said that all West Africa contributed to the world was sketchy e-mails from Nigerian princes.(How do you think I pay my tuition? #itsarecession) The azonto is supposed to look effortless but these dudes put effort into it and they shut it DOWN. Like I feel this is the kinda amateur steez […]

Childish Gambino Improving; Pitchfork Still Wack

See me balling so Conde Naaaasty. This song, off the R O Y A L T Y mixtape(download), is currently on repeat in my computer, phone, whip, head and every other device created by the illuminati to brainwash the 99%. But yo, all jokes aside, this song goes HAARD. The beat comes on you can […]

R.Kelly Wrote A Book? GTFOH!

This.Cant.Be.Life. Props: An illiterate wrote a book? Like a man who can’t read, or write…wrote a book called Soula Coaster. #lifeisthematrix Some excerpts from the book: An 8 year old R-Kelly, becomes an accidental porn director “She gave me a Polaroid camera. The guy liked the idea as much as she did. They got into […]

Frank Ocean Out, Gay Mafia In

So a couple of weeks ago, Frank Ocean came out of the closet. People ran around with their panties in a bunch acting like this was the biggest surprise since the U.S found Saddam a ditch wearing an Osama looking beard. Think pieces were written by everyone and their mama about how this was some […]