Lil Durk Is The Truth

The level of paranoia in his music makes him Chicago’s drill scene 2Pac if you will. And no I’m not saying he’s as good as 2pac, I’m just saying his level as paranoia is sky high (fan boys breathe easy).

Fittingly this single(1st of the album?) addresses this paranoia

I can’t do no shows cause I terrify my city, they say I terrify my city
Niggas get shot, you’re the first to get blame
A nigga try us, you’re the first one to get changed
They say you snitch, tryna put that on my name
They rat on me ask is Lil Durk my name

As with the start of most of his best songs, he shouts out BUELLER, BUELLER at the start of the track, as in Paris Bueller, the producer of the track, not Ferris Bueller. On 2nd thought maybe it IS a reference to Ferris Bueller. Fuck do I know? Those Chicago niggas seem crazier than Britney Spears before the illuminati set her straight again but I digress.

God bless Paris Bueller, gotdamn, this shit is hot fire.  It seems Def Jam has finally given him money to shoot videos outside the confines of his own home with an actual director rather than just the neighborhood nigga with the HD camera. The urgency and eagerness of his flow (See 52 barz below) make him seem like he’s actually interested in the art of rappity rapping unlike Chief Keef who seems not to give a single fuck. This is a good thing. Lil Durk >> Chief Keef and the reast of the GBE squad and his slower burn most likely means his career is poised for longevity. Hopefully this does the numbers that L’s anthem was supposed to do but didn’t.


Say your piece, homeboy(/girl)

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