In Defense Of Chief Keef

Riddle me this, do you go to McDonald’s to order some Crème brûlée and act utterly surprised when you get an Oreo McFlurry instead? Nah you don’t, you just hope to God no one spat in that mawfucker.

Then why, oh why, would you expect lyricism from a Chief Keef album? Yet most of the reviews I’ve read keep mentioning lyrics, lyricism or his flow. Doing this misses the entire point of the album.

His voice is merely another layer of the beat. The caramel to the Crème brûlée custard, if you will. Fame by Lady Gaga was a great album, critically acclaimed too, yet none of these same critics, complained of the emptiness of her lyrics. No one blamed teen pregnancy, on Lady Gaga wanting to ride on disco sticks till kingdom come. Everyone knew what it was – great pop music, nothing more. Likewise the same distinctions should be made for Chief Keef he makes great drill music- nothing more.

Due to the recent child shootings, your correspondent feels a lot of these critics have a fear of praising music with violent lyrics. Those shootings were fucked the fuck up, but let’s not let our eagerness to be politically correct get in the way of objective criticism. Criticizing the lyrics in Chief Keef’s music is TOTALLY missing the point. In fact the lack of lyrical content should be seen as an indictment on the social-econmic climate in the U.S.A, especially the inner cities, where African Americans are too often left to rot.

Here’s a 17 year old high school drop-out father, whose was 16 when he became a father- the same age his negligent mother had him.  Growing up all he sees around his is deliquency and a world where 487 homicides have occurred in a population of 3,000,000. Take that in. Really, digest that. The whole of Canada, which had a population more than 10 times that of Chicago, had 598 homicides last year. This is a world, where the only successful people in the neighborhood are gangbangers and drug dealers. There’s a reason why children of doctors become doctors and those of drug dealers become drug dealers- monkey see, monkey do.

Under house arrest he creates catchy music telling the realities of his life- wanton violence, gangbanging etc. in order to profit off the cards he was given in life. For so called “real” hip-hop heads, you cant possibly get more real than this. But he’s not the real that you guys want, he’s no Lupe Fiasco spewing loquacious lyrics filled with verbal diarrhea, so you dismiss him as ignorant.

Chief Keef should be celebrated for what he has been able to achieve. Rather than fill his videos with big booty bitches while rapping about clapping gangstas creating unintentionally hilarious juxtaposition, he filled his videos with the same gangsta shit he was talking about in order to feed his daughter. That’s the definition of keeping it real. In fact business school case studies should be done about his ability to market this authenticity, not some 50 cent In Da Club type shit, but a real and huge upwelling of support buzz completely outside the label system. He racked 20 million views off a video of him rapping shirtless with a bunch of dudes in a kitchen for crying out loud!!

Chief Keef Table Jump


If you don’t fuck with the music, its ok to say just that. Please spare us your trite, tired social commentary. If you really cared about the kids, volunteer in Chicago or send money to the multitude of charities attempting to fix an unfortunate situation. If not, you can please like to shut he fuck up.

Congrats Chief Keef, on being Finally Rich

Chief Keef Happy



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