A$ap Rocky Owes Me Gas Money

Gas money owed by artists seems to be a recurring theme on this blog.  First it was WizKid, now this ostensibly “pretty motherfucker”.

In early October, A$ap and his so-called mob were supposed to play in Toronto.  Your correspondent was very hyped about hoping to see A$ap before he blew up proper (it was going to be like seeing Kanye before College Dropout…dope right?). Anywho, I was just about to leave town to drive to the concert when a friend called me to inform me that the concert was called? Tha fuck? *Phew* At least I hadn’t left yet. No emails from the organizers, no phonecalls, not even a goddamn text message. They just cancelled it! I was a bit slighted, but I shrugged it off. This was Pretty Flacko afterall. The only man, not named Kanye, who rocks leather on the regular. Apparently, he was held up by immigration- I call bullshit.

He probably missed his flight due to a hair appointment.

Is Katt Willams his hair stylist?

Is Katt Williams his hair stylist?

Then the man says he’s gonna reschedule. Cool cool, do you. Your correspondent hit his boy up and we decided we were gonna make it down there. Your correspondent drove 2.5 hours to go pick up my friend and drove another 1.5 hrs to the venue (that’s a total of 4 hours, for my shortbus taking readers). We get there and the concert’s been cancelled…because of a bomb threat? Really A$ap? Is that the best you can come up with? A goddamn bomb threat? Who would wanna blow up a guy who cant even get his single(Goldie) to blow up?? #questionsthataintgotnoanswers

Ayo, everytime this guys song comes when I work out now, I gotta stop and change the song so I don’t have to hear Pretty Flacko one more time. We all know that SpaceGhostPurrp really made that song, but thats a topic for another day.

Your correspondent loves A$ap, I really do, but you would think a guy with a dollar sign in his name would know more about the value of the dollar.

I humbly request that A$ap Rocky refund my $80 in gas I spent attempting to see his ass. My request is quite generous in fact. I really should be asking for compensation for my time too, but I aint greedy like that.

If this request is denied, Imma malke 80 copies of his forever delayed debut album when it comes out and sell them out the trunk of my car a la Master P in the 90s. Just for the LOLs. #nolimitbuisnessplan

$80 is all I ask.



  1. DopeBoy300hunna · · Reply

    he a fuckboy!

  2. SOSSAbaby · · Reply

    Catch him in traffic! #BangBang……..#whytegyals4eva#wshhvids

  3. LMAOO!! forever asking for gas money. Word, gas ain’t cheap these days.

  4. send me link on youtube of this video

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