Monthly Archives: December 2012

In Defense Of Chief Keef

Riddle me this, do you go to McDonald’s to order some Crème brûlée and act utterly surprised when you get an Oreo McFlurry instead? Nah you don’t, you just hope to God no one spat in that mawfucker. Then why, oh why, would you expect lyricism from a Chief Keef album? Yet most of the reviews […]

A$ap Rocky Owes Me Gas Money

Gas money owed by artists seems to be a recurring theme on this blog.  First it was WizKid, now this ostensibly “pretty motherfucker”. In early October, A$ap and his so-called mob were supposed to play in Toronto.  Your correspondent was very hyped about hoping to see A$ap before he blew up proper (it was going […]