The Pied Piper of Rap: Chief Keef

MC Big Black Nigga 2.0 might not be so bad after all. On this very blog, I gave umpteen reasons why Chief Keef was wickity wack but gave an all important caveat about the argument being based on just a few songs while noting that I’m liable to change my mind like I did with Waka Flocka Flame. Or like Mitt Romney with 99% of his positions after the primaries.

Well lo and behold; MC Big black nigga 2.0 might have released the most trance like, chant-able song of the entire year. I was a party over the weekend and someone yelled “Play Sosa!” which I refused because I thought it was some sort of salsa track which would be ridiculously hard to dance to- I refuse to embarass myself to non gully rap songs.

 A man’s gotta have a code- Omar Little

Eventually someone did play it and oh, was I embarrassing!

In fact Chief Keef might just be the perfect MC Big Black Nigga for our time. Like the original archetype, 50 cent was a product of his era- big cars (remember escalades?), big dreams, big budget videos- it was boom times! 50 cent , himself a big man, was a product of the big Interscope machine. Now, due to this perma-recession were in, we now live in an era of doubt and uncertainty and Chief Keef (who is smaller and leaner, much like the interscope he’s signed to) might be the perfect rapper for the times. In fact I’m fairly uncertain what the fuck Chief Keef is saying 90% of the time.

Bitches love Sosa?

Like Sammy Sosa?

Nooo guy, Chief Keef’s nickname is Sosa…

*raised eyebrow* Tha fuck?

All I know is that Chief Keef is the pied piper of rap. The destination he’s taking the genre is wretched but I’ll be dammed if I don’t enjoy every moment of the journey.


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  1. Hahaha excellent comparison between the two!

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