Cruel Summer In The Fall? An Album Review

Track by track review so y’all can know which songs to skip. I know, you’re welcome.

To the world (ft. R.Kelly) – R. Kelly is the cultured man’s Chris Brown. I’ll take golden showers over vicious assaults any day, thank you very much. At least Kelly’s didnt tatoo a urinal on his neck.

Some Flabbergasting shit, yo


“The world is a couch, bitch im Rick James tonight”-Arrrugh Kelly

“Rick Ross told me that. I’ll be all up in Goldman Sachs, like THESE NIGGAS TRYNA HOL’ ME BACK!…I’m just tryna protect my stacks, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax!”- Kanye

Clique-  Big Sean call’s himself B.I.G, like Notorious B.I.G, like THE Biggie B.I.G…Tha fuck? Cocaine is a helluva drug, i suppose. He raps better than Jay-Z though. Damn, Jiggaman fell the fuck off. He needs to get back to his stay at home dad gig seeing how Beyoncé makes more than his ass.

There’s two simple steps for Jay to start making more money then Beyoncé though:

  1. Short the company that makes vaseline stock
  2. Stop using vaseline

Mans would make millions since 47% of all vaseline sales are credited to those Joe camel looking ass lips.

I digress.

 The umpteen reviews i read about this song, failed to mention one seemingly obvious fact. This song is definite, unmistakable proof that KANYE IS A MEMBER OF DA ILLUMINATI!!! LOL

Yeah i’m talking business, we talking CIA

I’m talking George Tenet, I seen him the other day- Kanye

I mean how else would he know who, ex-CIA chief George Tenet is?! We all know his ass doesn’t watch the news, the ticker at the bottom of the screen ruins the aesthetics of the screen, duuh!

Mercy- Was never really into this song. It’s just aight to me. Medium Sean’s verse is hot garbage, as usual. 2 Chainz has the best verse on the song…thats how good this song is. SMH


I’m drunk and high at the same time, drinking champagne on an airplane.- Tity 2 Chainz

New God Flow- It’s aite


Picture working so hard and you can’t cut through, that could mess up your whole life, like an uncle that touched you- Kanye


The Morning- D’banj is on the song. I fuxwitit.


I could never sell my soul, I gave it back to God at my christening.- Cyhi

Cant wait to get that black american express, so i can show them white folks how to really pull the race card- Cyhi

Cold-  Banger. 8/10

Higher- Ma$e is on this song?! The last time i heard from Murda Ma$e was on the 50 track- Window Shopper. Well maybe not “heard” per se, more like seeing him sipping $75 milkshakes bought for him by 50 cent. So many pause, no-homo jokes here. But ill abstain, im mature like that.


Sin City, The One, Creepers, Bliss, I Don’t Like(Remix)-  Goodish songs.(Pun intended)


Everything around me, got me underwhelmed- Kanye on The One

I just wanna design hotels and nail it- Kanye on Clique

Kanye’s underwhelmed. He’s tired. He can’t be bothered renaming an album called Cruel Summer that drops in the fall. He’ll rather just design hotels and Kim’s closet.

That sums up the album. Still, it’s not as bad as people say it is. He’s made 5 classic albums, back to back. Give mans a break.

Rating: Solid 7/10

P.S Y’all haters need to cut Cyhi some slack. Guy did his thing and everyone’s sleeping on him like he’s rapping in his jammies! He had like two of the best verses on this album. Better than Jay-z’s in fact. That’s not saying much, but still. Lest y’all forget dude can actually spit.

My mama gave birth to me on a plane, so i guess you could say i’m airborne.



  1. Probably the funniest thing I have seen on this entire blog:
    “There’s two simple steps for Jay to start making more money then Beyoncé though:

    1. Short the company that makes vaseline stock
    2. Stop using vaseline”

  2. Mike Dean's Cousin · · Reply

    Scott La Flame!!

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