Don’t think the tea party is racist? You’re probably a racist.

Racism is such a taboo these days. Even ostensibly racist organizations, like the KKK, might bulk at the term- protectors of traditional  American values they’d probably rather be called. Nomenclature and innuendo are the new rules of the game.

Take Baracka Obama, as Juelz Santana terms him. I remember 9 years ago when someone asked me who my hero was- was it 50 cent they inquired. I replied that it was Barack Obama (I was a weird kid) after I had seen him on the Daily Show(?) and thought he was on point, did some research on him which resulted in further proof of his on-pointedness, if you will. To say that I was a Barack Obama fan would be an understatement.

Much like everyone else however, I was somewhat disappointed in his presidency. Guantanamo Bay. Inaction during the Egyptian revolution. Suspicious interference in Libyan affairs. You name it. However his term was during a deep recession(that is still continuing) and the implosion of the middle class.

Not only was I disappointed to see this, so where many republicans (understandably).  Your correspondent doesn’t identify as a member of either party. The party of Bill Clinton or Karl Rove? Neither, merci beaucoup. Clinton is a deplorable character, word to the late great Christopher Hitchens.

Democrats didn’t fuck with Bush. The satire used to mock him- the warped sentences, his intelligence-was effective as it was based somewhat in truth- his tortured public speeches and low grades at school. However the vitrol that is lobbed at Obama- that he is in fact a foreigner- is something more sinister.

Some might argue that this is simply inneudo. However there’s innuendo and then there’s innuendo. A girl sucking her finger while looking secutively at a dude is one thing, her whispering in a dude’s ear to give her ‘deez nutz’ is quite another.

There’s no way a neutral observer could hear about nuts being thrown at black camera woman at the Republican convention and not see a disconcertingly , dare i say, racist trend in rebulican, tea-party behaviour.

Are they gonna have to throw bananas at the president before the mainstream media calls out the tea party for what it is?

Fuck the tea party. Dont just call me a democrat though.

Say your piece, homeboy(/girl)

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