You’re Not That Special- Economic Inequality (Not Race) Is The Real Issue

By adulthood, most people have come to the realization that the majority of things that were told during their childhood were convenient lies.

Santa. The tooth fairy. Birthday money taken on your behalf by parents to be put in a “college fund”. Most of these lies are relatively innocuous, ludicrous even, however there’s a particular lie that people cling onto well into adulthood, like a ragged childhood teddy bear how special they are.

Everyone believes in how innately unique they are, which often metamorphoses into how unique whatever social group or “race” they belong too or how less unique another group is. This common belief has been exploited universally by political elites, regardless of what race or ethnic group they themselves are in, often resulting in hilariously contradictory beliefs.

Take this brilliant NYT article (or just watch the videos, I wasn’t able to embed them), where people whose existence literally depends on welfare, deride it as a social assistance tool while voting for a tea party member who promises to deny them money on which their very lively hoods depends on!

It’s brilliant really the way the American elites are able to convince lower-income Americans that they have a fair shot at this game called capitalism. That’s where the “it’s the black people on welfare causing all the problems” train of thought comes along with pandering politician jumping at the chance to take a cheap ride. Here’s Rick Santorum, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination.

First it was the Eastern Europeans, then the Italians, then the Jews, then the Catholics who were derided as leeches on society. Over time, the line of acceptance kept getting pushed back to the exclusion of a certain group, until that particular brand of hatred goes at the fashion, to the point where we now have a “post-racial” America.

The elite really couldn’t care less if the poor were white or black (that’s the entire trick!)- after all even George W. Bush Jr. had two prominent black cabinet members, Condolezza Rice & Colin Powell, before a post-racial America came in vogue. What really stratifies today’s society, ladies and gentlemen, is not one of race or ethnicity, but one of haves and have not’s. It not so much that George Bush didn’t care about black people, it’s that he didn’t care about poor people.

Your humble correspondent, has been around wealthy people in North America and Africa (yes there are rich people in Africa, racist) and the one striking commonality they (mostly) share is an aura of “I don’t give a fuck-ness” when it comes to race, creed or religion of the lower classes are they just want you to think they do . These politicians mostly spew out racist, religion hating drivel to convince the lower classes of society that they are indeed on their side. (Winning an election is tough work). That it is [insert marginalized group or religion] that is to blame for their despair rather than the social economic conditions created by the rich that mires poor people in poverty.  Children born into poor households, go to underfunded school- since property tax revenue comin from their lower income housing is well, lower- graduate less, do poorer on their SATs, get into worse colleges, and have low paying jobs just like mama(daddy probabaly wasnt around), ensuring their next generation end up on the caboose of the train of life. (This is why there is a positive correlation between income and SAT scores and why 74% of Harvard student come from families who earn at least a 100k. Walter Benn Micheales’ excellent The Trouble With Diversity delves further into this).

Hence you get people with hilariously contradictory beliefs, who are on welfare, but don’t believe in the principle of it. In light of the ongoing Olympics I remain steadfast in my belief that the greatest gymnast of all is the human brain- its ability to contort itself into justifying any belief is absolutely breath taking.

Funnily enough, these same people don’t seem to mind yelling “U.S.A!” like its going out of style, when the same black people they blame for their problems, win a disproportionately large number of medals at the Olympics.

Well black people are “naturally” better at sports!

Really? Is this why Africa, a continent choke full of black people, has the least amount of medals of all the continents at the Olympics.

Well, umm, most of the black people here originated from West Africa, so your statistics are flawed

Then why does Nigeria, a West-African nation and Africa’s most populous too, not have a single medal at the Olympics yet?

This could go on forever. Constantly shifting lines of demagoguery obscure the seemingly obvious facts. What is at play is simple economic motives.

Black athletes in Nigeria, the one who are talented but not supremely, would be nurtured into striving for more achievable goals such as being a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc) rather than roll the dice on the ridiculously slim chances of being a successful Olympic athletes. (This is one of the reasons why , according to the U.S Bureau Census data, Nigerian immigrants to the U.S.A  are the most educated group in the U.S.A. Including Asians. ) Similarly skilled athletes in America would be pushed into a more athletic stream-where the chance of success are infinitely smaller, after all a society can support a lot more doctors and lawyers than Olympic athletes- simply because their society says that this is what they’re good at.

Saying that sprinters are fast merely because they are black is an insult to the dedication and years of hard work committed to a singular event that takes a few second to contest. These black athletes train for years, some with minimal equipment (Dawn Haper, won the Beijing Olympic 100m hurdles in borrowed spikes ) but in order to justify your racial bias you choose to believe that black people are preternaturally fast but lazy, yet they are able to win Olympic medals an event that takes four years to train for. This is yet another hilariously contradictory belief. Mental gymnastics for the win!

As a society, we do not use color to justify innate abilities in other things, yet we do it to ourselves. No one seriously believes that all red sports cars are innately faster than all white ones. Neither do we believe that black squirrels can jump higher than brown ones, yet we seriously distinguish each other using such characteristics. You’re correspondent will readily admit, that he too, believe in this hogwash. However part of being an adult is making a conscious choice as to what you believe in. Let that ragged teddy bear go.

Cause both black and white are smoking crack tonight – 2Pac

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  1. Excellent. Everything you said is on-point. Drawing on comparisons and contradictions. I always hear that whole “Black people are fast” or “black people are good at basketball” nonsense. In addition to what you said, I think this is also due to slavery and the “survival of the fittest” principle. People were packed in boats like sardines. A lot of people died from sickness and disease, those who were more tolerant/resistant made it to america. Even in america, slaveowners would then selectively breed the strongest, heftiest, slaves and their offspring carry on these genes. Generation through generation. So why wouldn’t you have strong, athletic black people? Just a history lesson people 😉

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