Keep Hoppin’ Playa! Top 5 Crip Walk Videos Of All Time

As a tribute to Serena William’s Crip Walk celebration after winning her Olympic Gold Medal, Ive compiled for your viewing pleasure the top 5 crip walks of all time!


For the true connoisseurs of the art. Dirtiest Move at 1:07. Ooooh Weee!


Walks outta hotel, no music, starts c-walking. Too trill. Extra points for the XXL clothing. Dancing in drapes ain’t easy!


The title says it all. Hahahaha


Every university community centre is dominated by Asian breakdancers at night. Anything is possible with dedication, (Word to Jeremy Lin) except swag. You either got it or you dont, son! Thats the only thing holding them from a higher spot.


Crip walk comes in at 6:01 mark. Keep hopping PLAYA!! You really should watch this video from top to bottom though. It’s hilarious. As much as i like WSHH, ill admit that it has done worse for black people than slavery and BET….combined.


  1. SWAG; Something We Asians Got

  2. The last video is the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen. And not just as a black man but as a human being in general I am ashamed and embarrassed of what we’ve become. Jerry Springer, all these actors, audience members and producers of this show you all disgust me. I now have to go read a Dostoevsky novel and the autobiography of Malcolm X just to get all this foolishness out of my system. -F

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