Black People Stay Losing- Serena Williams Stays Winning

Gabriel Douglas, 16, won the two golds in gymnastics making her the 1st black woman or “woman of color” (whatever that term means) to become the individual all-round champion in olympic history.


That was more my 1st reaction upon hearing the news. I thought it was incredibly inspirational of her to complete that feat at such a young age. Regardless of race, this is simply an incredible feat, along with Micheal Phelps winning 22 medals, and Oscar Pistrious, a paralympian, competing in the 800m.

What are you doing with your life?

I thought black people everywhere would be in agreement. Until i went on (black) twitter- a dank underworld where hoodrats and dumbasses reside.

Black twitter would simply be an innocuous, curious and sometimes humorous by-product of actual twitter if it weren’t for mainstream media’s camel-in-the-desert like thirst for breaking news. Look at their names- Lumpy Space Princess! Keishaun Limehouse!- yet the media treats them as if they are a legitimate news source.  Imagine Anderson Cooper going into a barber shop in Harlem and coming out with breaking news that 2Pac is still alive in the amazon and Michael Jackson is definitely, most definitely better than prince. Shit’s Ludicrous

Lazy media aside, the fact that african americans have almost an innate tendency to tear each other down is so baffling. Here’s a 16 year old, flying through the air, while youre fat ass (80% of african americans are overweight or obese) is insulting her hair. You got high blood pressure, diabetes and a crooked walk but not to worry, you’re hair’s on point!

To young , beautiful, olympian- Gabby, if the trade-off in life for winning two gold medal at 16 is shitty hair and being made fun by people who use their car insurance to buy ‘Brazilian indian virgin remi hair’ that is really from Qingdao, China, then please sign me up to looked fucked the fuck  up every single day of my life.

Some people came to her defence, like Serena Williams, who said she looked beautiful. Here’s Serena doing the crip walk after winning the gold medal.


Some parts of the media criticized her for promoting gang culture. *Le sigh* Lazy media does it again! These same buffoons where conspicuously silent when the Sex Pistols, a group whose name explicitly promotes violence and sex, played during the opening ceremony. I eagerly await the day when a rap group called Bitches N’ Gats can play an opening ceremony without comment.

It’s not that serious.

One comment

  1. *sigh* “Like crabs in a bucket”. Hahaha at the “Bitches N’ Gats” part though. Calling bullish*t for what it really is.

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