Snoop Dogg To Snoop Lion? Diplo Stays Thiefing

From Snoop Doggy Dog to Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion? LOL

Didnt Snoop get the internal rap industry memo from Puff Daddy(a.k.a P.Diddy a.k.a Diddy) that you always make your name shorter? That extra letter in his new name might make it hard for CNN tickers to carry news of him and with it his remaings shards of relevancy will vanish. As if it hasnt already.

You see, when I initially heard of the name change I stifled a laugh but when upon further investigation I found out that the Culture Vulture Numero Uno a.k.a  Diplo was in charge of this project, my laughter quickly turned to fear.  It was like 2008 all over and Sarah Palin (almost) started to look like a viable candidate.

Ill soon have to  hear this music at Jack’s, Jim Bob’s and every other run of the mill bar that tries to awkwardly shoehorn “urban”(read:black) music into its shitastic top 40 playlist, I fear. Dont say I didn’t warn you when you hear this track, posted below, right after Call Me Maybe . And you thought hearing Teach Me How to Dougie after Starships was bad. *shudders*

I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to Reggae so I wont comment on the quality of the track. However, I do know this- DJ Diplo remains steadfast in his commitment in stealing from other cultures. First its Bangladesh with M.I.A, then the country of Africa, and now Jamaica- the only country that might be possibly poorer than the countries of Africa and Bangladesh combined. This guy  is so resolute in his determination to steal from 3rd world countries that he must be the President of the World Bank!

                                            His Side Hustle

Dont believe me? Listen to the track below. It is the exact same as the La La La track. Fuck Diplo.

Checkout Snoop’s new movie trailer where he complains about being tired of rap. *yawn*


  1. JLevsssss · · Reply

    Well technically he changed his name to one of equal length…snoop dogg to snoop lion. But there is no real ring to his name now. Its most likely a big publicity stunt. I don’t even care that it is though, I’d still peep the documentary and cop his new album because who wouldn’t wanna see snoop dogg (someone who is in the 99th percentile of weed smokers based on quantity of daily intake), perform reggae???

  2. You do realise that Africa is not a country, right?

  3. chuckschick · · Reply

    Africa is a continent made up of numerous countries and cultures
    MIA is a Sri Lankan artist.
    MIA hired Diplo to produce some tracks for her.
    A producer’s job is to create the music the artist wants.

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