Monthly Archives: August 2012

Chief Keef- M.C Big Black Nigga 2.0

50 Cent was the original big black nigga. The netscape of the archetype, if you will. He burst on to the scene hanging upside down (like monkeys tend to do), while doing crunches with a hard body doused in vegetable oil #nofrankocean. Minstrel type behavior aside, 50 cent actually made good music-  at least in […]

DJ Khaled + Kanye West= Guaranteed Banger! (R.I.P Demonoid)

Ayo, I was actually gonna do a review of DJ Khaled album, seeing how the two singles that have dropped have been fire. However, I haven’t been able to buy download the album since Demonoid has now been shut down. *Moment of silence* *Pours 40′ of malt liquor* Still I realized, every single record Kanye and DJ […]

J-Levs Presents: Top 5 Olympics GIFS

Ayo, we got a new contributor in the house.  J-Levs a.k.a 50 Shekels aka Tony Yiddish compiled this list of amazing gifs. Hopefully we can make this a weekly gif compilation series. Without futher ado, 5. The Vault 4. Usain making this dude’s life 3. Why i dont fuck with synchronized swimming 2. Olympic Basketballs 1. […]

You’re Not That Special- Economic Inequality (Not Race) Is The Real Issue

By adulthood, most people have come to the realization that the majority of things that were told during their childhood were convenient lies. Santa. The tooth fairy. Birthday money taken on your behalf by parents to be put in a “college fund”. Most of these lies are relatively innocuous, ludicrous even, however there’s a particular […]

Keep Hoppin’ Playa! Top 5 Crip Walk Videos Of All Time

As a tribute to Serena William’s Crip Walk celebration after winning her Olympic Gold Medal, Ive compiled for your viewing pleasure the top 5 crip walks of all time! 5. For the true connoisseurs of the art. Dirtiest Move at 1:07. Ooooh Weee! 4. Walks outta hotel, no music, starts c-walking. Too trill. Extra points for […]

Black People Stay Losing- Serena Williams Stays Winning

Gabriel Douglas, 16, won the two golds in gymnastics making her the 1st black woman or “woman of color” (whatever that term means) to become the individual all-round champion in olympic history. Damn. That was more my 1st reaction upon hearing the news. I thought it was incredibly inspirational of her to complete that feat at […]

Snoop Dogg To Snoop Lion? Diplo Stays Thiefing

From Snoop Doggy Dog to Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion? LOL Didnt Snoop get the internal rap industry memo from Puff Daddy(a.k.a P.Diddy a.k.a Diddy) that you always make your name shorter? That extra letter in his new name might make it hard for CNN tickers to carry news of him and with it his […]