The End is Nigh: Rick Ross (& MMG) Jumped The Shark

Ayo, its your boy baythoven back on his soapbox. I know I haven’t updated this blog in a week and the streets have been thirsty waiting for a new update. Grown men writing me hand written letters, like the ones Gore Vidal wrote to Christopher Hitchens, complementing yours truly and everything I stand for.

My bad y’all. I was in the land where your average cabbie has a better vocabulary than your English prof. a.k.a the land of Harry Potter a.ka. the land of Olympics 2012. But  I’m back to quench your thirst because I’m magnanimous like that.

Back to the topic at hand. If you haven’t been keeping up with the MMG movement,(How could you not? They conspicuously promote each upcoming project at the start of each video, it’s almost like No Limit 2.0. I wouldn’t be surprised if Master P was the real head of this entire charade)

Hot Boys 2.0

Rick Ross just dropped a new album, God Forgives, I don’t. Originally slated for release late last year, the album was pushed back several times as Ross’ upteem failed singles to ignite a buzz under this brick of an album.

Ross’ album….if it had any artistic vision

You’re wondering where it all went wrong, how did he go from releasing gems like “Like Fast Die, young” a cut from Teflon Don(download buy if you’re still a doubter of Office Ricky’s talent) where he’s spitting thoroughly enjoyable, albeit ludicrous, gems like

“Seems like we getting money for the wrong things
Look around, Maseratis for the whole team
Look at Haiti, children dying round the clock, nigga
I sent a hundred grand, but that’s a decent watch, nigga
I’mma get my money right, just watch, nigga
She had a miscarriage, I couldn’t cry, though
Cause you and I know she was only my side ho”

to releasing a song called Touch N’ You?!  #nofrankocean. That song is the hottest garbage this side of Lotus Flower Bomb. Do any of Wale’s original fans(his mom excluded) even like him anymore? I digress.

It might have been all those seizures he had.  Officer Ricky’s irrational self-confidence is an essential part of his music. I mean, here’s a former correctional officer claiming he sold dope off his iphone! Nothing wipes the mojo off a pathological liar, like a brush with death (He had two). Those seizures might have fried his brain to the point where signing a singer who hasn’t been relevant since like 2002 seemed like a good idea.  Or did Omarian sign over his publishing rights for a MMG chain? Cocaine is a hell of a drug, I’m told.

Without further ado, here the precise moment where their whole “movement” jumped the shark à la Fonzie.

This video is great for so many reasons:

  • The audience doesn’t know whether to stand up and applause of just sit down. So they reach a compromise where half begrudgingly stand up, like they were accosted by their mothers to do so, to the tune of aggressively unenthusiastic applause.
  • His aliases. Luke Skywalker? Maybach O?! LOL Fuck outta here son!
  • I dunno what I hate more, Wale’s new look or his new music.

That 3 kings songs (feat Jay-z &  the headphone shill aka Dr. Dre) that he just dropped is wickity wacky too, the video is even wacker(i wont sully this page with the link). Fuck Jay-Z. Word to Nas.

It was only a matter of time till they packed up shop. After all the company that these bunch of clowns named themselves after already has.

It’s not that serious.


  1. nigga cheese drippin, I like my nachos hot

  2. lmao the hatred for MMG is real eh? Rick Ross (despite him being an utter phoney) could be an excellent lyricist but he’s more of an opportunist. He has had songs with lyrical content, but now he’s just about the money. Most of the music he puts out now are meant to be just bangers. And if you look it though, he is actually making more money. I remember his baby moms exposing his true financial worth (as opposed to how much he claimed to have) on that “This is 50” segment a couple of years back. In other words, he wasn’t making as much as he claimed he was. But now couple of weeks ago, I saw him on a website stating the top 15 hip hop earners of 2011 and he made the list. Note that this does not justify the over-saturation of shitty MMG tracks in the game right now but it’s just to explain Officer Rozay’s Motif. Wale on the hand? That’s a story for another day.

    1. Dont get me wrong, i stil bang their songs. That doesnt mean it isnt still trash doe!
      I was listening to old wale the other day manyne…SO much potential, all to waste…

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