Wizkid Owes Me Gas Money

Wizkid, ostensibly known as  ‘ya boy weezy’, apparently not aware that Lil’Wayne has called himself that umpteen years now, was supposed to have a concert yesterday in Vaughn.

‘Lollipop’ wasn’t played during assembly at F.G.C Ijanikin, I see

I had to drive 4 hrs to Toronto and back, for a concert that was supposed to go on from 8pm-2am, only for this clown to arrive at 1:30am.

Microbell Media Group (MMG) who apparently (or do they?) don’t realize they’re unfortunate namesakes with the MayBach Music Group run by the esteemed former cop, Rick Ross, were the organizers in charge of this event.

You might ask why your writer decided to go to a show by a kid named after a man who prances around in jeggings and organized by a group with same acronym as that of a rap group headed by a former cop?! My love for Naija music is that strong son!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, like 25 police officers showed up, bullet proof vest and all, harassing the crowd. They learnt well from Crowd Control 304 in police college: Never trust a group of black people.

Mr.Officer nudging people with his car, gently

All I want is for Mr. Whiskey (a.k.a Wizkid) to refund my $40. It is a recession outchea and I am currently unemployed. I could be asking for more since I’ll need a new prescription for some of the eyesores I saw last night but I ain’t really greedy like that.

Come on, son

All I humbly ask for is $40. It’s not that serious.


  1. Lol! Well written…I really enjoyed the comparisons and mockery of Lil Wayne and Wizkid as well as that of MMG and well…MMG! Ahahaha…wish post was a bit longer. Can’t leave the streets starving like this!

    1. More isn’t always good. Ever seen a chick with 3 titties? Not so hot

  2. […] money owed by artists seems to be a recurring theme on this blog.  First it was WizKid, now this ostensibly “pretty […]

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