Beyonce, Diplo Stealing From Africans

Never let it be said that all West Africa contributed to the world was sketchy e-mails from Nigerian princes.(How do you think I pay my tuition? #itsarecession)

The azonto is supposed to look effortless but these dudes put effort into it and they shut it DOWN. Like I feel this is the kinda amateur steez that Beyonce will eventually steal and incorporate into one of her videos without giving proper credit à la the Run the World(Girls) video.

People are always jacking shit from africans. People, land, resources….and now DANCE moves?! Come on son! #saynotooppression

I cant wait till the culture vulture know as Diplo, hears the azonto incorporates it into some shittastic top 40 dance track and claims he pioneered it. LOL

The only thing not to have been jacked by other people, is 419 email scams. I guess Prince John Smith doesnt have the same ring as Prince Onyeka Magic Mbabalu. Checkout the video below.

I DARE you not to start looling when this guy starts crying at the 2:40 mark when he gets caught in the middle of his scam. His crying is the real swindle here!


  1. LOOOOL. first at the babe in the azonto video, around the 2:40 mark with ‘gbese’
    and then with Uncle Festus nwachukwu and his scamming ways

    1. Haha oh lawd. Talk about crocodile tears. And then he rats out the entire scam. That is SO not G.

  2. Ayotola · · Reply

    LOL, youre a hilarious person. i actually laughed till i teared up

    1. Thanks, and shit 😉

  3. […] band behind this masked killer who originated from West Africa. Like really, do I’ve to go over this again? They make it seems like every bad thing comes from West Africa. Drugs, AIDS, Nigerian prince […]

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