Childish Gambino Improving; Pitchfork Still Wack

See me balling so Conde Naaaasty.

This song, off the R O Y A L T Y mixtape(download), is currently on repeat in my computer, phone, whip, head and every other device created by the illuminati to brainwash the 99%.

But yo, all jokes aside, this song goes HAARD. The beat comes on you can hear Nipsey Hustle saying “turn that beat up…like the head phones” like listen real close while I spit real inspiring shit over this sparse instrumental. Nipsey Hussle*, clownish name aside, has been in the game so long that he knows exactly what to spit on a beat like this.

This is a sparse beat, not some Lex Luger, young-money brick-squad type head banger , and he knows exactly what to spit over an instrumental like this. Going in, spitting some real motivational shit.

“Look, young rich nigga shit, pops was an immigrant
Lifestyle illegit, but now I own businesses”

Nippy kinda murks Childish on his own song simply cause how much better his verse flows(i.e sounds) but Childish stil has the best line on the track

 “See me balling so Conde Naaasty!”

For those of you who don’t know what Conde Nast is, google is your friend.Word to Pelz.

Nippy, in contrast to Childish’s verse, illustrates how important flow is to any song. Your lines could be clever but if it doesn’t sound good, niggas are gonna sleep on you like you’re rapping in your jammies. Word to Lil’Wayne

Childish’s flow has gotten significantly better from when he 1st started. I remember not really fucking with back when he released Freaks & Geeks cause he seemed all punchline and no flow but then I heard Camp and I fully jumped on the bandwagon. Just don’t tell that to the folks at Pitchfork.

In the most vitriol filled writing since Mein Kampf, those chumps teach you exactly how to NOT wirte a review. It only takes to the 2nd sentence for the writer to clown his comedy.

Really dawg? I came to read a MUSIC review, not advice on how good his comedy is from your Robot chicken watching hipster ass. Considering how much this writer revels in his distate for Camp, he conspicuously avoids mentioning a line from All The Shine

“My nigga like, “I’d get you MTV if I could, man
But Pitchfork only likes rappers who crazy or hood, man”

Oh Really? Thats an interesting observation, Childish Gambino. You mean like hereOr hereOr HERE!!!

The clown who wrote this review probably didn’t even listen to the album.  Just because he doesn’t fit your idea of what a rapper should be (i.e MC Big Black Nigga) doesn’t mean he’s wack

You gon give  OJ da juiceman a 7.0 and a nigga with an ice cream tattoo on the side of his FACE(i.e Gucci Mane) a 8.4 but then give Childish a 1.6?! It’s not that serious!

* Just ask the artist formerly known as Tity Boi a.k.a 2 Chainz what a simple name change can do for a career.


  1. Ye, I don’t bother with Pitchfork reviews on rap albums. They’re stupid…Pitchfork reviewing Childish Gambino is the equivalent of like XXL reviewing Neon Indian or something…IT DON’T MAKE NO SENSE! *gucci mane voice*

  2. Yo i totally agree. Like you dont see hiphopdx reviewing fiona apple. Stick to sufjan stevens and drake, pitchfork

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