Frank Ocean Out, Gay Mafia In

So a couple of weeks ago, Frank Ocean came out of the closet. People ran around with their panties in a bunch acting like this was the biggest surprise since the U.S found Saddam a ditch wearing an Osama looking beard.

Who ever said Al-Qaeda & Iraq werent connected??

Think pieces were written by everyone and their mama about how this was some monumental day for the hip hop community and how he’s opened the door for artists in the black community. Like it was a surprise that a nigga named Frank…OCEAN was gay. LOL

So many r&b artists in the past have been(or at least looked) gay:

Luther Vandross. Gay.

Michael Jackson. Gay.

Prince. Fruiter than cherry coke.

Shit, even the fact that he was gay made me re-download nostalgia/ultra, as I didn’t really fuck with it the 1st time around. I listened for clues to his homosexuality like an over eager fat kid at easter ;  just for lols. #unemploymentisacurse

In that sense, Frank’s gambit worked. He teased me with unsurprising news about his homosexuality to heighten my interest in his album that was dropping in a week.

How convenient. And the fact that I could care less about his  sexuality is what annoys me the most. I was fooled by his clever publicity stunts much like the idiots who gave his album a 9.5/10(Shout out to pitchfork)

But discussing Frank’s Ocean completely buries the more interesting story,  HIP HOP IS RUN BY A GAY MAFIA!!!

This dude hasn’t had a hit since lean back but he sure is entertaining!

This was months before Jay-z  came out in support of  gay marriage at the same press coference he announced a music festival headlined by…Skrillex LOL!

No one reads the pop zeitgeist like the world’s number one buyer of blistex. This dude will do ANYTHING to remain the HNIC (Head Negro In Charge). He’s coming for your spot Al Sharpton!

Everyone relax. Frank Ocean is gay. It’s not that serious.

Say your piece, homeboy(/girl)

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