Monthly Archives: July 2012

The End is Nigh: Rick Ross (& MMG) Jumped The Shark

Ayo, its your boy baythoven back on his soapbox. I know I haven’t updated this blog in a week and the streets have been thirsty waiting for a new update. Grown men writing me hand written letters, like the ones Gore Vidal wrote to Christopher Hitchens, complementing yours truly and everything I stand for. My bad y’all. […]

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises, Sponsored By The Illumunati

Hey y’all. Your boy Baythoven is gonna start reviewing movies now like Ebert & Roeper back in day, except completely unprofessional and totally biased. But like 2 times more awesome. Today’s edition is The Dark Knight Rises. This is the finale (is it really ever though?) of the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan. Nolan has […]

Beyonce, Diplo Stealing From Africans

Never let it be said that all West Africa contributed to the world was sketchy e-mails from Nigerian princes.(How do you think I pay my tuition? #itsarecession) The azonto is supposed to look effortless but these dudes put effort into it and they shut it DOWN. Like I feel this is the kinda amateur steez […]

Wizkid Owes Me Gas Money

Wizkid, ostensibly known as  ‘ya boy weezy’, apparently not aware that Lil’Wayne has called himself that umpteen years now, was supposed to have a concert yesterday in Vaughn. I had to drive 4 hrs to Toronto and back, for a concert that was supposed to go on from 8pm-2am, only for this clown to arrive […]

Childish Gambino Improving; Pitchfork Still Wack

See me balling so Conde Naaaasty. This song, off the R O Y A L T Y mixtape(download), is currently on repeat in my computer, phone, whip, head and every other device created by the illuminati to brainwash the 99%. But yo, all jokes aside, this song goes HAARD. The beat comes on you can […]

R.Kelly Wrote A Book? GTFOH!

This.Cant.Be.Life. Props: An illiterate wrote a book? Like a man who can’t read, or write…wrote a book called Soula Coaster. #lifeisthematrix Some excerpts from the book: An 8 year old R-Kelly, becomes an accidental porn director “She gave me a Polaroid camera. The guy liked the idea as much as she did. They got into […]

It’s your boy WEEEZY!

No not lil’ Wayne. Wizkid. This video is dope. Just a bunch of dancin’ dudes really. Wizkid’s video presence(is that a term?) has improved leaps and bounds. He no longer seems awkward and shy on screen. I guess that’s the kind of confidence that winning a BET award can buy! If you havent got your […]