So Kanye likes his cunnilingus with a side of sweet and sour sauce? Thats just one of the many, many of his sexaul preferences I gleaned from listening to Yeezus.  I wonder if it’s the type that McDonald serves, cause if it is, that’s perfectly understandable- trailblazing even. Damn, this man is really is a visionary, I wish I […]

The level of paranoia in his music makes him Chicago’s drill scene 2Pac if you will. And no I’m not saying he’s as good as 2pac, I’m just saying his level as paranoia is sky high (fan boys breathe easy). Fittingly this single(1st of the album?) addresses this paranoia I can’t do no shows cause […]

Wassup guys? I haven’t blogged in a while, being busy being outchea and all, but I just had to put pen to paper for this dude and his “movement”. This guy brought me out of semi retirement, so forgive me if this post is a little disillusioned or over wrought Someone with usually decent taste […]

Riddle me this, do you go to McDonald’s to order some Crème brûlée and act utterly surprised when you get an Oreo McFlurry instead? Nah you don’t, you just hope to God no one spat in that mawfucker. Then why, oh why, would you expect lyricism from a Chief Keef album? Yet most of the reviews […]

Gas money owed by artists seems to be a recurring theme on this blog.  First it was WizKid, now this ostensibly “pretty motherfucker”. In early October, A$ap and his so-called mob were supposed to play in Toronto.  Your correspondent was very hyped about hoping to see A$ap before he blew up proper (it was going […]

MC Big Black Nigga 2.0 might not be so bad after all. On this very blog, I gave umpteen reasons why Chief Keef was wickity wack but gave an all important caveat about the argument being based on just a few songs while noting that I’m liable to change my mind like I did with Waka Flocka Flame. Or […]

Track by track review so y’all can know which songs to skip. I know, you’re welcome. To the world (ft. R.Kelly) – R. Kelly is the cultured man’s Chris Brown. I’ll take golden showers over vicious assaults any day, thank you very much. At least Kelly’s didnt tatoo a urinal on his neck. Quotables: “The […]